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Monday, June 1, 2015

Movie Monthly: Carnosaur

Hello and welcome to Movie Monthly.  In this review series I'm going to choose a theme for each month and then every Monday I’ll spotlight a movie somehow related to that theme.  Generally I want to use this is a way to focus on lesser known or overlooked films but I’ll also sprinkle in the occasional new release or well regarded classic as I see fit. 
For our opening month I decided to start things off big and so we have Jurassic June, celebrating dinosaur movies for the whole month.  Partially I chose this theme to celebrate the upcoming Jurassic World release but mainly I chose it because there really aren’t that many dinosaur movies.  As such it’s my duty, as a critic, to dig up the strange, interesting, cool, or overlooked additions to this undernourished niche.  With all that said let’s look at Roger Corman’s Carnosaur. 


Carnosaur is a low budget science fiction horror film from 1993.  Though it came out in the same year as Jurassic Park it only has a few tertiary relations to that particular blockbuster.  Instead Carnosaur draws from a strange hodgepodge of inspirations that, despite being rooted in the conventions of the ‘80s and ‘90s, accidentally end up making it shockingly current.  Part of what makes Carnosaur so strange is that it doesn’t really have a plot in the conventional sense rather it has a premise.  That premise revolves around the rogue geneticist Dr. Jane Tiptree, played by Diane Ladd as one of the only recognizable actors in the film.